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Welcome to Association of Black Social Workers of Greater Los Angeles

The Association of Black Social Workers of Greater Los Angeles (ABSWGLA) is a local component of the state and national organization that provides a structure and forum through which Black Social Workers and those in related fields can exchange ideas, offer services and develop programs interest of black community. It is non-profit organization, consisting of professionals and community workers who make their skills available to individuals, groups and agencies for alleviation numerous problems confronting the black community. ABSW-GLA was formed in May 1968. Once year, the National Association Conference convenes to coordinate community activities and address issues that beset black Americans everywhere. rolex replika who sells the best replica watches relojes de imitacion repliki zegarkow

ABSW – GLA & ABSW FOUNDATION, INC. Supports Black Lives Matter

Over the past weeks, months, and years members of the Black community have been murdered by people who were sworn to protect and serve them. The deaths of these innocent, unarmed individuals are an outrage, and indicative of the systematic racism that is woven into the fabric of our society.

ABSW and ABSW Foundation condemn this murderous behavior as well as other types of racial oppression, discrimination and prejudice aimed at our people and all people of color who have been disenfranchised in America. We vow to call out such behavior where it exists, and to encourage and work with other groups who promote equality and justice for all.


A Founder

Barbara Williams, Horace Austin, Shirley Better, Leonard Mackerel, and Georgia Parks to community action. The first meeting to form ABSW was held at City Central Mental Health Clinic in April 1968.

Code of Ethics

If a sense of community awareness is a pre-condition to humanitarian acts, then we as Black social workers must use our knowledge of the Black community, our commitments to its self-determination….


Membership (and attendance at meetings and conferences) is available to individuals of African Descent who have a strong commitment to the social welfare of the Black Community, regardless of ….


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